Our newest and biggest addition (by size) to the Phi family is our stylish Philomène handbag. Its intriguing shape and interchangeable mini handle make it a unique piece.


With it, your trips will be both simple and light. Its mini handle being interchangeable, you can combine it with your outfit for even more originality.

It is all very innovative and attractive, but do you know the origin of the creation of this accessory? No? So we'll tell you more!

Its circular shape is inspired by the pentagram found in the famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci created an image and a man of perfect and divine proportions using the golden ratio, Phi.

The body of the Philomène handbag is inspired by the circle surrounding the man in the center of the drawing, and the interchangeable handle represents the shape of the Greek letter Phi.

A beautiful handbag of divine proportions, ready to take on any challenge or face any day.

Watch our new video to be inspired by what you can put in your own Philomène handbag and discover our Phidias pouches, ideal for even more tidying!
October 27, 2020