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The Maison

Phi 1.618 is a luxury leather goods brand made in France

The golden ratio

The House of Phi 1.618 was born in reference to the golden ratio, Phi.

Known since antiquity as the most elegant measurement of nature, this “divine proportion”, as it was called in the Middle Ages, governs the most beautiful works of nature and man: nautilus shells, cathedrals, the works of Leonardo da Vinci and even human DNA.

Our creations respect this proportion, which lends them elegance and timelessness.

When you wear a Phi 1.618 creation, it is not a belt or a bag that you are wearing, but the expression of the golden ratio.



We select full grain leather hides of exceptional quality from the unused stocks of major French luxury houses and their associated tanners… Hides that, until recently, were destroyed.

By “upcycling” them, we reduce the environmental impact of fashion while ensuring the highest level of quality and durability.

And since our models are all made in France, their carbon footprint is very low, so they don’t have to travel around the world before arriving in your hands.

Handicrafts Made in France

The models are created and manufactured in France according to the saddlery tradition to ensure an exceptional quality and to perpetuate our craft know-how. Each edge is threaded, dyed, heated, smoothed and sanded several times to ensure an ideal finish.

We create several colors of each model but in very limited editions. Sometimes only one of each color is produced. This allows each client to express their individuality while preserving our planet.

The creative director

I had previously worked in various professions in international law and the media. Besides this intellectual work, I always created with my hands and obtaining the certification a craftsman was essential for me to launch my House.

Passionate about creation in all its forms, the discovery of the golden ratio acted like a revelation. It was obvious: this perfect proportion, present in nature since the beginning of time, resonated with my desire to propose creations that will last through time.
The perfection of Phi meets the level of requirement and durability that was desired by my friends and then, of course, my customers.

Juliette Angeletti, artisan

The creator, Juliette Angeletti was invited on the show Good Morning Business on BFM business.



Upcycling of leather from the dormant stocks of the largest French luxury houses. Quality products made to last. Maximum reduction of our carbon footprint.

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