This year, Phi joined the "Make Friday Green Again" movement with 1000 other brands to offer an alternative to Black Friday.

At Phi 1.618, we decide not to make discounts or sales on the occasion of Black Friday, for several reasons:

  • We produce in very limited series and we do not need to urgently sell our stocks.
  • Our creations are inspired by the golden ratio and are therefore timeless. They are not part of a seasonal fashion that would make them obsolete in 6 months.
  • We work exclusively with French craftsmen based in small workshops (in Paris and in Touraine) who put all their know-how in our designs and we really want to promote their expertise. By manufacturing in France, we optimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.
  • We are also proud to manage our business model in a sustainable way and to use leather from the "dormant" stocks of the largest French luxury houses. Stocks that would otherwise have been destroyed.

This "upcycling" and this commitment to quality luxury which is synonymous with sustainability means that every day you shop at Phi is a Green Friday ;-) So, don't hesitate and discover our Philo bags or our Phidias pouches!

To learn more about the Make Friday green again movement, click here.

We know that our Phi-deles share our vision of a sustainable fashion industry, and we hope you support this idea of a Green Friday as well!

Buy responsibly and as always, be proud, be Phi!

December 03, 2020