Are you enough creative regarding your outfits? Or do you want to become even more so? You will love this article as we propose you 6 different ways to wear your Phi belt!

We know that the seasons change, and despite all our efforts to resist, the cold periods have nevertheless arrived. But do not worry! With the Phi belt, you can dress in style and stay warm at the same time.

1. On a trench coat

The first way to wear it is one of the most classic. In fact, the history of the belt design comes from this way of accessorizing it. Our designer, Juliette Angeletti, bought a vintage trench coat that was missing the belt and therefore created a belt herself! The Phi belt!
Tied like the Greek letter Phi, it is emblematic of our House.


2. On a coat

Another trendy way to wear your Phi belt: over a sober coat to reveal the original side of this accessory and bring a touch of originality to your outfit while remaining chic!


3. On a stole

The third way to wear it is ideal for the colder seasons. Place a stole on your shoulders and hold it with the Phi belt to be free of your movements while staying warm.


4. On a jacket

For a slightly more daring and original style, put on a jacket, tie the belt to grip your waist, and then turn it at the back. Ready for the parade!


5. Conversely on a cardigan or a waistcoat

To always stay warm, opt for a cardigan and tighten it with the belt to emphasize your waist. Elegant, classy and comfortable.


6. A vibrating belt on a more sober outfit

The last way to tie the Phi belt is to choose one with a vibrant color and wear it with a more sober outfit, so that the belt really stands out and brightens up your day and your look!


We hope we have inspired you. Be warm and enjoy the fall!

If you have any other ideas, don't hesitate to share them with us, we will be happy to discover them and share them in return.

Also remember to accompany your Phi belt with one of our two-tone leather bracelets for even more style.


October 20, 2020