We have already told you about the ClearFashion app and Phi 1.618 in the area of sustainability, but this blog will also go deeper into the details of our production and our carbon footprint.

In the field of the environment, Phi 1.618 obtains the overall score of 98/100. The ranking is also divided into sub-sections including waste, climate change, water and fossil resources where Phi was also ranked very well.

Ranked 92/100 for its interactions with humans, Phi 1.618 is proud to have an excellent mark on relationships with partners, risk management and consideration of workers lives.


Even the category that concerns animals and animal exploitation ranks Phi well, despite the fact that we use leather in our designs. As we use the "dormant" stocks of the big French luxury houses, stocks previously destroyed, our brand is committed against the waste of raw materials while not contributing to the production of leather.


At Phi, there are always things we would like to improve, such as a way to avoid air travel, but that we cannot solve alone. We are already proud of our commitment to the world of sustainable fashion.


We hope that this ethical and responsible world to which we aspire is the one in which you want to live! If so, please do not hesitate to support Phi 1.618, our artisans, and our vision by bringing you a quality product made with great care.

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October 05, 2020