What is Clear Fashion?

Clear Fashion is a free app that makes it easy for everyone to understand the environmental impact of fashion brands. Each brand receives a score out of 100 in four categories, which allows consumers to become more eco-responsible. For example, in the Environment category, Phi 1.618 scores 98/100.


At Phi 1.618, upcycling is a major commitment. Our full grain leather comes from the dormant stocks of tanners who work for the most luxurious French Houses. This means that we are able to have the best quality available and also to optimize the exploitation of leather ... it is good for humans, animals and the environment.


In addition, our creations are made exclusively by French craftsmen. Our environmental impact on transport is therefore also very low.

As our full grain leathers come from dormant stocks, our production is carried out in very small quantities. Each product is unique, with special attention to detail by the French artisans who make them.


So what are you waiting for? Download Clear Fashion to stay on top of all your ethical shopping needs, and browse our website for a luxury accessory that will be loved by the planet too!

August 28, 2020