Values bind communities and lead communication. Phi 1.618 is a brand that was created with three specific values in mind. Exigence, audacity, and consideration are all qualities encompassed by our creations and the people that work for the brand. We expect and maintain a certain level of perfection and quality from the artisans that make the products to the dead stock leathers that we source. The purity of our concepts and the savoir-faire of our artisans is what sets us apart from other luxury leather goods brands.




In the climate of our world, both in terms of the ecological crisis that faces us and the economic reality that accompanies it, the audacity that comes with the creation of our brand at this moment is unmistakable. Above all, in a country such as France with a history already rich in leather goods, our commitment to the innovation of the sector while still respecting the rich traditions that have existed for centuries is a feat in itself. This commitment is shown with our usage of the famous saddler finishings which are all perfectly executed exclusively in France. We continue to support this tradition with pride, despite the elevated costs of production.



Our consideration encompasses both our engagements with supporting French artisans and our usage of dead stock in order to reduce our waste and environmental impact.  This consideration to produce a product as perfect and as qualitative as possible extends also to the time that we put into ensuring that each client feels as involved as possible in our process and our story. We want our Phidèles to feel the values that drive our brand, in every product, and in every communication that we release.


November 15, 2023