How do you choose a gift for the person who matters most in your life?

Let us help you! Phi 1.618 is a brand that loves the magic of love.

Our selection is based on personalities.

Your loved one is...

A star:

A true star needs the best of the best, something to make it sparkle. Our Philo bag is based on the pentagram, a five-pointed star in a circle, it doesn't get much brighter than that!


Our Phi belts and bracelets are the "star" products of the brand and change the spirit of an outfit in the blink of an eye. You can go from day to night by flipping the belt or wearing the bracelet around your neck.


An adventurer:

Does your loved one like to go on adventures? Think of something that will accessorize all their outfits with an additional reversible side. This is the case with our Philnthropie belts and Phileo braceletsphileo-bracelet-cuir-boucle

If they want something more "adventurous", our passport or card holders are perfect for travel.


An icon:

Does the love of your life love fashion and like to be unique? If so, our Phiori bag created in collaboration with an origami craftsman and a master pleater could be perfect. It is the 'objet d'art' of the Maison ! It is produced in very limited and numbered series and it will be part of the next exhibition of the French Federation of the Haute Couture sur-mesure.


A joker :

Is your love the life of the party? They need an accessory that gives them some humour. Our little wings for your shoes are the ideal gift. If winged shoes aren't for you, add one of our winged charms to our small Phiesta bag, whose name naturally inspires celebration!

ailes-cuir-phi1618 sac-phiesta-cuir-phi1618








Un boss:

Your love is always on point and it shows! A boss needs stylish, practical and versatile accessories that allow them to express their talents. Our Philomène bag has a unique shape, but is also large enough to carry a laptop. If they're more discreet and constantly running around town, our new Philia bag has the perfect shape and size for every #boss.



Need help to make your selection ?

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February 09, 2022